• Damion

      I figured you would. The only two people I know that can sit in a room for hours and probably not say one word to each other.

      • Hei pÃ¥ deg MoeFaren…mradog er best!Stilige bilder, du er helt rÃ¥ pÃ¥ styling:) Gleder meg masse til Ã¥ se ditt nye kjøkken om litt….Ha en knakende fin helg min venn, stor klem

    • Oh. Freddy with the power glove. Why do I subject myself to you about once a yeoarAls?, the Seu Jorge Bowie covers are very enjoyable and I find myself listening to his CD quite often.

    • I told Doc that he should just bring another ’89 La Mission Haut Brion and I will gladly vote for his wine. Jojo, if you open another ’90 Haut Brion, I’ll vote for your wine plus bring in flying voters.Then I’ll bring the ’91 Château la Merde I’ve been saving for you guys.Madali akong kausapin. Heh heh.N

  1. Bridget

    It is frustrating for everyone involved, having a child with this is a learning experience. I Still believe medications help curb the dangers to this ..such as the impulses to do something regardless of thought or considering the repercussions…. However you are exactly right. Finding a passion and excelling at it is key!
    I was TERRIFIED when they made my son the pitcher on his baseball team thinking he would send kids to the E.R. Lol, turns out having to be precise is exactly what he needed, he did great! He didnt stick with baseball, but it was eye opening for us! So glad you found what you love to do

    • Damion

      I believe the only way to beat all odds is to never stop trying. “If you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right,” – Henry Ford

  2. Rosy

    “Everybody Is A Genius. But If You Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb A Tree, It Will Spend Its Whole Life Thinking It’s Stupid.”

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